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It's the 50th annual Polk County Picnic! Or is it the 53rd? The 72nd? The 35th? Anyway, it's Polk County's annual celebration and Luke and Jake, two brothers, are at it again. Luke spills three-bean salad on his older brother, who accuses him of doing it on purpose. The townspeople take up the cause, and Luke decides that he will break open his piggy bank and head to the big city.

(from the Foreword) It's a contemporary setting of the parable of the Prodigal Son. It is a musical about forgiveness…forgiving one another, and ourselves. It is a musical about coming home to God's Amazing Grace, no matter how far we've wandered away from our heavenly Father.

Below is a player with all the songs from the musical. (Except for the theme-I hope to have that fixed soon.) If you need a copy of the book, click on "Contact Me" below.