Musicals for Children's Choir

Something's Up Down in Bethlehem

The story of a boy named Reuben who leaves his home to follow the star to Bethlehem.

1-800 Christmas

Christmas is in danger of being cancelled, and the kids host a telethon to save it.

The Christmas Wish

This one is about a wish made at Christmas, but that's about all I remember.

Polk County Picnic

The story of The Prodigal Son set in a modern-day small town.

Bethlehem or Bust!

Animals are caught up in the first "Bethlehem Star" competition. A narcissistic camel and his friends who believes it's all about them all get caught up in self-centeredness until they become humbled by the Christ child. The cast can include as many as twenty individual roles, making this a wonderful opportunity to involve a lot of kids. There are great songs by Andy Cundiff, Darrell Bledsoe and others, as well as a terrific script by Martha Bolton, and exciting arrangements by Ted Wilson. Your choir will love performing this musical! You can learn more at Bravo Music, the Bethlehem or Bust! website, or here.

The Backyard Bunch

Three musicals-The Backyard Bunch, The Backyard Bunch Christmas, and the Backyard Bunch II-about a group of kids who form a club to make a difference in their community.